Aims and activities of the organisation

Artistic Council «Dialogue» was founded in 2011 by representative’s of different cultural organization’s and communities of the Lviv city. One of the primary projects was the preparation for the Lviv Month of European Capital of Culture in Lviv (in collaboration with the applicants for the title of ECC from Poland), and active cooperation on the presentation of the city in the project ECC. In 2013, was signed a memorandum of cooperation between Wroclaw and Lviv in 2016, when Wroclaw will held the European Capital of Culture title.

From 2016 «Dialogue» working with different cultural project’s: Lviv Month within the project Wrocław ECC, the festival «Author’s Reading Month in Lviv», and also is a member of developing group of different strategies – «Cultural city strategy – 2025» and the «Lviv – City of Literature UNESCO». In October 2016 «Dialogue» presented web-platform for cooperation and interdisciplinary collaboration between different art field’s.


Contact us:

Head of the board – Grigory Semenchuk

Program director – Evgenia Nesterovych

Executive director – Maryana Kuzemska